lamontshensphoto2An American Tradition

       Over 150 years ago, my Great Grandmother Lucinda Macklin cooked in the plantation kitchen of the antebellum south. Using the herbs and spices that grew wild in the rich southern soil she created her famous tangy cooking sauces…

     She prepared her recipes in kitchens like those in Holly Springs, Mississippi and passed them on to Grandmother Ausseibelle, who knew all about bringing out the best in all of Gods meats, by marinating and smoking them to perfection with Lucinda’s cooking sauces.

       She and my mother Thelma passed the secrets of flavoring the meat from skin to the bone which I learned as a little boy in the kitchen.

    Now, four generations later from our kitchen to your family comes savory Marinade and tangy Barbecue cooking sauces.

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